Business Development and Management Services

Day-to-day office administrative services are essential for any mid to large size business. From website design planning, billing, record keeping, receipts, invoices and receipts are some of the major but important tasks. Hire an efficient support team for all your internal and external office administrative needs.

Business Development

Business Registration

Whether you want to start as a sole trader, limited company, partnerships or complete run your business from home. We do all the research and help you get license/permits to start working.

Get Office Space

We have network of partners and agents who will find you an ideal location, signing contracts and getting you straight to work. We work closely with our agents who are experts in helping businesses simply move in with all the details taken care for.

Hiring Staff and Resources

Whether you are looking for one resource or want to hire staff for a new business, on-site or off-site, We Variable offer an all-in-one solution for finding brilliant talent, faster. We manage the entire recruitment process, saving your time and money. This includes attracting, selecting, and hiring the best talent for your business or clients.

Business Documentation Services

If you are new to online business or a startup, you can’t deny the importance of the business documents which you would need from time to time in order to proceed with your dealings.  Keeping them handy and available is a key factor to run your business without any troubles.

There are various type of documents but it only depends on the type of business you do and what exactly your requirements are. For instance, you might need Franchise Agreement documents if you choose to outsource your brand and business practices to other parties.

Some of the important documents are Contracts, Employment agreement, Documentation of bylaws, Business plan, Financial – Transactional documents, Partnership agreement, Trademark, Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions, and Business license.

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Business Plan Research and Copywriting

Business Plans Writing Services

We Variable follows the industry best practices to write a business plans/proposals for start-ups and innovative ideas. With the help of finance, technology, marketing, human resources, and startup experts, we write business plans that are complete in all respects. We carefully make the following components of a startup business plan: Financial Plan, Personnel Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales Forecasts. Technology Needs


We Variable has deep experience with content types like blogs, website content, employee manual, content marketing, sales pitch, sales collaterals, newsletter marketing, and industry specific content. Keyword centered content is outdated and Google AI system is smart enough to understand the intent. We create semantic SEO based content copy, which means writing in-depth, value-packed content.

Market Research

We value research, as it is a vital part of writing good copy. We create valuable smart writing, leave no question unanswered, giving your audience the absolute most comprehensive information about your product. The solution includes researching about the product, get to know the industry, the foundational concepts, semantic SEO based content and effectively convey the message of your brand by structuring it in a search-friendly way to the right audience.

Custom Website Design and E-commerce Website Development

Custom Website Design and Development Services
We Variable offers professional custom website design to help expand your brand’s online reach. A custom design web site provides you with a trustworthy digital presence that meets your business needs in terms of quality, branding and usability. Leverage custom web design services and leave a positive impression on your page visitors.
Ecommerce Website Design Services

We Variable works with all major eCommerce platforms for small, medium, and large businesses. We ensure to structure the website making it a lead-generating tool. We ensure our WordPress design services are inclusive and offer robust foundation primed for SEO, fast page load speed and ensure mobile-responsiveness at all times. 

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Services
We ensure your site is mobile-responsive and optimize your website infrastructure for search engine crawling and indexing. Part of our WordPress development services is auditing your header tags, URL structures, image alt attributes and sitemap for top search performance.

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Business Administrative Services

Customer Documents Management

Your business usually needs to collect real client data when selling or providing services against any payment liable to taxes. The documents like IDs or driving licenses are acquired along with terms signed. This data is vital for any business to keep track of.

Lead Management

Importing new leads in CRM, organizing lead information, manage the status of each client, backup leads and history of every prospect. Widely used CRMs by the global businesses are Hubspot and SalesForce

CRM Management

Manage and improve all your company's relationships and interactions with existing customers and potential prospects by analyzing data and client behaviors/patterns for segmenting and provide updated reports to marketing teams for future planning.

Internal /External Online Meetings

Having online meetings with internal teams/employees or clients have become essential after pandemic. Arrange online meetings, send notices to your team or clients and make sure everyone gets onboard before it starts.

Online Support and Web Chat

Customers do not like to see chat bots as their online assistants. Enhance your online business sales with live chat having a real agent Response time under 1 min can boost 60% in Conversions.

Google Email - Workspace Management

Setup email for your website and entire team with Google Workspace. We provide extensive services like adding and removing users/groups, manage devices, create roles, assign permissions and configure security settings.

Customer's Invoices and Receipt Management

We Variable ensures smooth Invoice management and processing of invoices and payments from customers. We streamline the entire process seamlessly, starting from, sending the invoice, receipt of the invoice by the client, establishing a payment due date, receiving payment from the client, and recording that payment as a part of the cash flow and keeping the entire data safe for your tax records and book-keeping.

Custom PDF Document

Get custom design PDFs with forms and videos added. We create user friendly forms with conditional logic. Ideal for reporting, surveys, inspections, servicing, accounting, financial fact finds, employee performance forms, medical questionnaires, therapy assessments, application forms etc.

Email Marketing

We Variable manages your campaigns with top notch technique, tailored for your targetted audience. Our customised campaigns leverage the visits to your site, product purchase and services up to 30%. We Variable is an ultimate solution for email marketing management service. We are responsible for content creation, personalization, and track results for future campaigns.

Resource Hiring and Resource Management Services

Your business is moving forward and looking to grow in size. We Variable offer an all-in-one solution for finding suitable resources, faster.We Variable manages the entire recruitment process. This including attracting, selecting, and hiring the best candidate for your business or clients. We keep the talent in a solid pipeline for your immediate or emergency hiring. You can hire a full time recruiter or work for only a specific task to be completed.

WhatsApp Markting Services

The future of marketing lies with WhatsApp as it hold around 2 billions users around the world. WhatsApp offers multiple marketing solutions for small, medium and large businesses which requires ton of work. We Variable will help you choose suitable package to help you grow business faster.

Business Payment Mangement Service

Merchant Account Setup

You are a small business owner or dealing with high risk financial and capital market businesses. You would like to accept payments offshore or with different ways. Getting approved with banks is a daunting task. We can help you with plenty of suitable options.

Virtual Terminal Setup

Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that processes credit and debit cards, replacing swipe machines. Merchants can accept credit or debit card payments by phone, fax, or mail. Once setup, you only need an internet connection to accept the payments in few seconds from around the world.

Payment Setup for your E-Commerce Stores

Not every payment support platform can work for your business. We get the business payment account approved properly and make multiple tests for the business payments to flow smoothly.

Business Payment Management Services

You may have multi channels for payment processing working all together. We manage, analyze, and keep track of all customer transactions through the website or other offline sources.

Paypal Account Setup Services

PayPal is widely used with ecommerce payments. Create PayPal business account, get approved, test and implement the payment setup.

Stripe Account Setup Services

Stripe is equally popular payment processing platform. We help setup Stripe businesses to setup Stripe and implement it on the website the proper way.

Digital Assets Management

Domain/Hosting Account Management

The plan is designed to buy domains and maintain your hosting plan, keeping the services up-to-date.

Website Maintenance

Regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and error-free. The service include checking the functioning of the website, security and cyber attack, updating and maintaining the data, back-ups and adding fresh contents etc. The list is endless. Contact us for website maintenance services.

Social Media Maintenance and Updates

Social media is a great way to tell the story of your brand. We Variable tailors to the needs and preferences of your target audience with overarching social strategy, posting and scheduling high-quality content, fast reply to customer comments and inbox, engage with users and set up paid social advertising campaigns.

Online Review Management

75% of internet buyers look for reviews online before making a purchase decision. Reviews Enhance Credibility, and Improve Rankings, Conversion, establish company's reputation to increase sales and get more leads. We make the process easy for customers to give reviews for your services on all channels.

Google Business Profile Management

Local Listings are exceptionally crucial for any business. It enhances your business visibility in the search engines, drive more sales and calls. There are plenty of options available like Google My Business, Bing Place and YELP are major to help you rank higher.

Google Analytics Setup and Management

We Variable help proper setup and implementation of a new or existing Google Analytics account. If you are starting your SEO or ad marketing campaign, it is important to configure analytics correctly that capture the necessary business data. We help companies to measure key data, ad and email campaign performance reports.

Social Media Catalogs and Merchant Center Accounts

Google Merchant Account Center Setup

Merchant Center lets you manage your in-store and online product inventory appears on Google for free. We Variable help businesses add products to Google to reach the hundreds of millions of people shopping for products, measure the impact of every sale and Google insights and analytics that will help you figure out what’s performing and what isn’t.

Pinterest Catalog Merchant Account

Social media channels are expanding and bringing more services to cater the needs of the brands and small and mid size businesses. Pinterest catalog/business account requires verification, data sources, connection with your e-commerce website and lot of other stuff to get started. We Variable do all the effort to setup your interest business cataloged correctly.

WhatsApp Buisness and Product Setup

Similar to other powerful business tools, where you can showcase your products for free, WhatsApp seems to be taking lead here as well. We Variable will setup your WhatsApp business account with your cataloge, short links and promotional templates to start interacting with your customers right away you launch your brand or business.

Product Shop Setup on Facebook and Instagram

There are around 2.934 billion facebook users around the globe and so is Instagram equally loaded. Imagine reaching such audience by setting up your services and shop on both of the channels. We verify, put right data, connect all cogs to make it work. The result is 40% more traffic to your website and 25% increased conversions, engaged audience, brand awareness, more messages in inbox and more people to visit your store.

Digital Advertising

PPC Ad Campaigns

We Variable is a winning angle for your PPC ads without the guesswork. We do comprehensive research into popular trending campaigns, market behavior, and sales cycle to create a successful campaign.

Social Media Paid Marketing Campaigns

Get results and higher quality leads with our tailored marketing campaigns. Get the most leads at the lowest cost with all channels working together and faster results within 15 days.

Full-Funnel campaigns with integrated marketing strategy

We Variable make it possible to capture every possible opportunity. We create campaigns centered around your big-picture business goals by combining PPC with display ads, retargeting, CRO, and landing page optimization.

Print and Local Advertising Services

Business Cards design and printing services

Banner Stand Roll Banners design Services

Billboard/Signage Design and Display Location

Promotional Events and Exhibitions Services

Resource Assessment

Hiring a new team? or want to outsource your work to an offshore company? Do not fall for false promises or fake reviews online. Let us go deeper to bring you an insightful assessment of the company, discovering their success rate and ability to deliver valuable results over your investment. 

We sift through company profile and check for any red flags occurred in past and help you decide before you spend thousands with any company. Resource Assessment is a unique and one of a kind service. We take a deeper look at the company’s profile, check for any red flags, working history with previous clients and ROI rate by providing our independent report. 

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